Hatebreed, 6 Feet Under, Shadows Fall, Death Threat

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Sept. 27, 2002

Live review

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Okay, well finally some of New England's finest return home to put on one of the best shows I've seen at Lupo's. The building is packed and I mean packed...1,800 people to be exact. Sometime a little before 9pm, Death Threat hits the stage tearing it up in that ole' school hardcore style they do so well. They ended up playing mostly newer material off of "For God and Government" but it's all good...Till some moron decided at that moment he would set off the fire extinguisher, clearing the floor. After all is cleaned up Death Threat continue on playing, and even did an Operation Ivy cover before closing with "United We Stand" one of my favorite tracks off the new record.
Shadows Fall end up hitting the stage without much hype. Doing their own sound check and roadie work, who do they think they are? Killswitch Engage? They played all the old favorites you'd think they would but the short set they did play was made up of mostly new material, which does sound good live but isn't the best they could do. Wow, okay I know alot of you might not know who Chris Barnes is but a long long time ago in a land far away He fronted this little band called Cannibal Corpse. And now after Allen West is gone from his new project (6 Feet Under) he just seems like he's trying to hold on cause that's what 6 Feet Under did. Just barely held to the crowd's momentum that the openers set up for them. Which is pretty sad for a band that's been around for almost 8 years. But hey, Hatebreed is up now so the wait was all worth it right? damn fuckin' right. Hatebreed ripped through every song I've ever heard them put out onto a record and one or two I haven't heard. They kept the crowd going long into the morning only stopping to thank everyone for coming out and the other bands for fucking shit up. Jamey even gave a nice speech about how you should stay in school and make your family proud, awwww. Hey, fucking Kerry King even showed up...guess he was tired of blowing Slipknot and needed a newer band to jerk off. Well, now after it was all over Hatebreed fucking rocked for 80mins., with no crazy light show or fire works just them and their instruments. Fucking Hardcore.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards