Corrosion Of Conformity


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Live pics from this show! |

Ah, the WAAF Halloween show... let's see, there was a guy dressed as a lamp, 2 guys dressed as Fenway park, Marge Simpson, and a guy who ran up and insisted that I squeeze the dick glued to his head.
First band up was H-Blox, I'd seen these guys before opening for Downset in Worcester, they were better tonight. These guys are from Germany and have 2 singers...their stuff is quite catchy, but heavy with some influences that seem to range from hip hop to punk. Pretty cool.

Next up were those legends of Brooklyn, Biohazard! This band's performance is always far from dull. For the first few seconds I couldn't stop laughing because Evan was dressed up in a Superman costume, and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, out comes Billy as Spiderman. It was also amusing to see people with costumes on moshing around in a circle pit
Biohazard live is...how do I say this?..insane. Heavy as shit hardcore/metal that stays real.I spend more time ducking out of the way of Billy's headstock than taking pictures, he was all over. This band puts alot into their show, even though the set wasn't as long as I'd liked, (didn't play "Victory" doh!) it was killer. If these guys come your way, GO SEE THEM!

Finally, after 2 years, Corrosion Of Conformity! Is there better music to smoke a bowl too? I doubt it. In true C.O.C fashion, Pepper got onstage and announced that he was really high...hahaha. As usual these guys put on a killer show, playing the usual favorites (Vote With A Bullet, Deliverance, Albatross) and even adding in a few NEW SONGS! Of course I can't remember the titles, but they were fucking cool! Hopefully they'll be resigned soon and the new album will finally come out.

Last but not least was Danzig, whom I hadn't seen since...1994..damn. They started off with mostly newer material most of which I didn't recognize...but then came the classics, "Her Black Wings", "Dirty Black Summer", and of course "Mother" (Think "Twist Of Cain" was in there too). Much to my surprise, at the end of the set, they came back out and played "Earth A.D."! Never thought i'd see Danzig do a Misfits song again...Although, John Christ wasn't playing guitar this time around the show was still killer.

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