Headbanger's Ball tour w/Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadow's Fall and God Forbid

12/1/03 The Norva - Norfolk, Va

Live review

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First up was God Forbid playing to a nearly full house, which is pretty odd for a show opener, unless you're Slayer. But they ripped it up, trying to get the dead crowd into it, an actual pit finally breaks out towards the end of the set when Bryon reminds the crowd that this is still the underground and people need to start acting like it. Also just a personal note to the people at Roadrunner, please send God Forbid some money so they can stop roadieing for themselves. I mean throw these guys a bone, they worked their asses off. Also, hello Century Media, a lil help too maybe. Next up was Shadows Fall with no real time inbetween, which was nice and gave them a little longer set. This was prime time Shadows Fall, they ripped through their set playing old songs and songs off of "The Art Of Balance" cd which was when they got alil help from Randy, running out onto the stage to scream along with Brian on the chorus of "Destroyer of Senses". The rest of their set was filled with the still somewhat dead crowd headbanging, which of course you'd find on this tour, and a huge assed circle pit, the only one of the night.
And then the night got a little weird as I'm not sure if Monty Python came out to do Killswitch Engage's set or they have been taken over by Spinal Tap. But either way the music is as tight as you can get. Followed by what was, and is now in my mind the Adam D show. Just him running around on stage, doing dances, screaming at the crowd, getting the rest of the band involved in making asses out of themselves. The best prank was right after Randy again came out, this time to do tumbles across the stage, Adam D was dying and having to be brought to life and all this going on while they continued to do the set. Not bad, not bad at all.
And now for the headliner of the night, home town boys Lamb Of God. Heavy, Heavy, heavy, and oh yea fucking heavy. Randy and the rest of the guys came out drinking and Randy came out swinging, being so drunk he continued to punch at the air and fall down several times, good for him. But the music was the heaviest thing of the night, bringing back classics from their days as Burn the Priest, to the newer material off of "As The Palace Burns". Ahh must be nice to get paid to be that wasted.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard