Interview - Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage


Sean Michael Coale interviews Brian Fair, (vocals - Shadows Fall) Doc Coyle, (guitar - God Forbid) and Justin Foley (Drums - Killswitch Engage)

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Sean Michael Coale: So is God Forbid putting anything new out soon besides the re-releases?
Doc Coyle: "The 'Better Days' EP should be coming out in a week or two, and our new album called 'Gone Forever' comes out Feb 24th"
SMC: How's the tour been so far? I was talking with Dallas and he said doors changed to 6pm. Has this been a problem on the tour?
Brian Fair : "Sometimes the doors have been at 4 or 5 on this tour and we've had shows that have ended at 10pm. It also depends on the city. You do an all ages show it starts at 5pm and has to end by 9pm. So a lot of that curfew shit happens. But that's the shit with all ages shows and that's all we've wanted to do on this tour. So each city has it's own drinking laws about 18 and under being at shows. So you never know what's gonna happen."
DC: "One of the fucking things on this tour we've come in contact with since we're opening, we don't care that the doors are at 5 or 6 but usually more times the doors aren't advertised or advertised an hour later. Get your fucking mind straight about the shows. Before you make any decisions marketing wise make sure you know what time the shows start. But you know what, most people don't care give a fuck about the opening band anyways. So they say you should be happy opening and I am happy. Just get your fucking organization straight."
BF: "We've all done tours together less than 2 years ago that we're fucking shot and now we're all together again and the shit is crazy."
DC: "We toured with them, (Shadow's Fall) not even a year and a half ago with Bleeding Through. And Bleeding Through was drawing more than us put together. Ya they were bad shows man."
BF: "But we threw that shit together in a min too, and it was like, get God Forbid. They'll do it."
DC: "We'll do anything cause we're happy to be nominated."
SMC: Has this tour been better than the Revolver Tour, what a year or two ago?
* Note Shadow's Fall and Lamb of God headlined that tour as well*
BF: "Oh ya ya. This has been the biggest tour we've ever done. That's not an opening spot for like a huge band."
SMC: Just a quick question. What's up with Adam D.?
BF: "There's no explaining Adam D."
DC: "Any questions you have, there are no real answers."
BF: "He's just Western Mass through and through. Bazaar as you can possibly get."
DC: "I think the side-burns are what gives him his power."
BF: "Wait till you see the chicken walk that's happening on this tour. Ya, he's got names for all his moves. The Gazelle is my new favorite. The Defibulator and the Confessional. Ha, when he moshed during your set in AZ. There was a huge space between the stage and barricade and he went down during their set with a guitar on and moshed to his own band."
DC: "Ya, at the end of the set he starts screaming 'You guys Rule!'."
SMC: Any dates or new information on albums?
Justin Foley: Ya, as soon as we get home from this tour. It's all written we just gotta record it. It'll be out early next year."
BF: "Umm ya, we've been touring since like the day we got outta the studio with our last record, it's been like two years. So it's time to write some new shit. So we're gonna go home from this tour and work on some stuff. Have no idea when it's really gonna be finished. Depends on how the writing process goes. But we are gonna take off the time maybe do a show here and there over a weekend, but we're not gonna tour till it's done. We're looking to finish it by March or April, but it probably won't come out till the summer. We're gonna do it right. We're not gonna rush it or anything."
SMC: Anything else you'd like to add...?
BF: "If you missed this tour you're a sucka."