Interview - Wino


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Sam: How would you compare your last project with The Hidden Hand, do you feel this is one of your more political projects?
Wino: "This is definately like, my new, main baby. You know I'm in Place Of Skulls, but I'm only going to be doing a couple more shows with them. And basically this thing took off right around the same time that Victor asked me to join Place Of Skulls, and Place Of Skulls took a little bit of time getting off the ground because of the bass player. So, I just dove full on into The Hidden Hand and this is like, my full on thing. I'm actually pretty excited about it because the guys I'm playing with are both like super, super great musicians and also, a couple of really good minds. I kinda feel like I made a good decision. It's definately a little bit more on the political edge just because we're...well, these times kinda demand it, I think, in a way. I mean with everything going on in the world it's really kind of hard...I mean with music, you know, you pretty much draw all your inspirations from, at least I draw all my insiprations from life. The stuff that goes on around you, the people you meet, the things you see, you know, what you might read or whatever. So, when the world is in the state of affairs that it's in right now, it's really, it's focused...your feelings are kinda focused on the immediate. I think it's just kind of important that we ask questions."
Sam: The other day I just got the new Spirit Caravan 2 disk cd, I like the versions of the songs you guys picked...
Wino: "Yeah, we decided, you know in hindsight when we decided that we would re-record some of those songs, alot of times it's hard to re-create that same kind of intensity, spontainious intensity. And I'd always kind of thought that after 'Elusive Truth'...the versions of 'Darkness & Longing', 'The Departure' were not quite as good as the original version, so we decided we would put that together, we would scrap the re-records and put the original versions. On 'Elusive Truth' we re-recorded both 'The Departure' and 'Darkness & Longing' and so the versions that are on the double disk that you have, those are the original versions, which was on a single and one was on a comp. I think that they're the better versions, I mean when you go to re-record something that you've already done, I donno, it just didn't seem like it had the same kinda vibe."
Sam: You guys are putting out a split LP?
Wino: "Yeah, we're gonna put out a split with Wolly Mammoth, that's gonna be on McCarthyism (Records) and I think what's gonna happen with that, what it's gonna do is, we're's kinda got some tenticles on it because it's gonna be on vinyl, on McCarthyism, and it's gonna be 12", a 12" EP on vinyl, 2 songs per band. It's gonna be on cd out on Meteor City in the U.S. and XL Mainstream is gonna do the cd and vinyl in Europe. We're actually working on that right now, we're gonna track a new song...that should be out by the new year. We've got another tune, we just submitted a tune... there's a label out in Maryland here called Crucial Blast, this guy Adam from Crucial Blast is doing this big Maryland compilation with all the local bands from around here like Internal Void, Clutch, Earthride, so it's gonna be like all the local bands, Life Beyond, from here, so we just submitted our track for that, so that should be kinda cool. That should be out soon. So basically we've been staying pretty busy, we've also got a track, the very first song The Hidden Hand recorded, even before the single, we did a track called 'Falconstone' for High Times magazine. They're gonna be coming out with a stoner rock comp, it's been in the works for like 2 years. But like, that's actually the very first song we ever recorded, and submitted but it looks like it's gonna be the last thing to come out so, it's kinda interesting."
Sam: What about the Probot single?
Wino: "Probot was like...Dave Grohl, he basically came up thru all the punk and hard rock scene of this area, the Maryland area. When he was like, really young he was in this band called 'Mission Impossible', and he was kinda like in a young punk band, hardcore band, but he always kinda stood out because he was so great you know? So I remember way back in the early days, this must've been in the 80's, early 80's or something. The Obsessed actually did a gig with Mission Impossible, and I totally remember David because there was this wild drummer, this really young kid who is so great, and Mission Impossible, they basically played hardcore and then they would play the theme from 'Mission Impossible' which was pretty cool. So I've known David...well, didn't really know him then, but got know him a little bit later when he was in Scream and stuff. So then of course he joined Nirvana, you know, formed Foo Fighters and then, you know great commercial sucess. But David has always been born and raised on heavy music, and so he wanted to put together a record where he would write the music for the songs, with some of his all time, favorite singers in mind to inspire him. Surprisingly enough I was very honored to be one of those people, so he sent me a tape of the tune. He'd done all the guitar, all the bass, and he'd done all the drums. He sent me the tape and it was like, this fantastic tune man, this very spacey intro kinda building up to this intense kinda fevored pitch. I really dug the tune, I was kinda blown away actually, I thought it was so perfect, and it was really tailored for me, and I guess that's what he had in mind. So I took him with me on a tour, and worked really hard on the lyrics and stuff. And then we actually had this really small window of time when he was back in Virginia, and he was just like 'hey, you know, let's record your track', so we actually got together to do it, which was really amazing because, I think it was, me and Lemmy are the only 2 singers that he was able to actually get together with to record the tracks."