Interview - Himsa

Sean Michael Coale interviews Kirby Charles Johnson (guitar)

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SMC: How's the tour been going?
Kirby Charles Johnson: "It's been going good. We've been out for quite a while, since March then the album came out in June. So we've been trying to stretch it out."
SMC: Do you have any plan for videos?
KCJ: "Ya, we actually had a video for 'Rain to the Sound of Panic' that just aired last night on Headbanger's Ball."
SMC: What's the message behind Himsa?
KCJ: "What like the meaning of the word, or the band itself?"
SMC: The band itself, like when you put a song out. What does do you want it to represent?
KCJ: "It's hard to say, I guess for the most part I don't think we have any goal that we set out to do. I think some of the things we try to do is just make people feel just a lil uneasy. It's not necessarily happy music. It doesn't necessarily have a positive or negative message, it could be taken pretty negatively."
SMC: I read some of the lyrics, some of them are pretty positive.
KCJ: "Ya, ya that's true. It's that we're presenting it from a darker side, but there's no like real political message. It's us like trying to create an art form like the music's pretty dark. It's about making people feel uneasy. It's like the feeling I get when I listened to, well I still listen to metal but like when I first did."
SMC: With all the new hardcore bands coming out, and people already trying to junk everyone into a genre of hardcore, how do you guys feel about being placed into the metalcore genre? When I listen to your album it's METAL. I don't hear breakdowns, or chanting sing-a-longs. I just hear like In Flames or Norwegian style metal.
KCJ: "I think the core part in our name, it's kinda like what just happens. People gotta find something and I think alot of hardcore is just straight up metal anyways. But I think the fact that our approach to it like... There's bands that travel in a van and bands that travel in a bus. I think with our live show we try to bring some energy amd that's the thing I always liked about hardcore, there's alot more energy. But we try to combine what we can, keeping things real aggressive without being straight forward, Hardcore."
SMC: Ya, I only ask cause the couple of times I've listened to your album, it's just so drenched in METAL. It's hard to hear the hardcore part and it has solos. Not semi leads but solos, it's so nice to hear.
KCJ: "We kinda like try to make an effort to do things like that, like we'll fuck up a good breakdown dance part with a solo. Just something to make people uneasy."
SMC: Ya, kinda like should we be dancing to that or be headbanging. Hmmm, here's one since it'll be coming up. Will you be voting and for whom?
KCJ: "That's a good question, well umm if I could get my absentee ballot. I haven't really decided, I know who I'm not voting for."
SMC: Would that be the governor?
KCJ: "Ya, ya umm I haven't started looking into it. But I'll probably be voting Democrat."
SMC: Top 5 list
KCJ: "1 Boston (self titled)
2 Iron Maiden ( Number of the Beast)
3 Corrosion of Conformity (either Deliverance or American Volume Dealer)
4 Guns and Roses (Appetite for Destruction)
5 Exodus (Bonded by Blood)"
SMC: Any last thought?
KCJ: "Ya, work on my top 5 some more. I should have it written down."