Channels #Machine-Head, #Sepultura, #Fear_Factory on Undernet, IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

First off go to and download a mIRC program, once you've got it installed...

Ok, hopefully, you've downloaded IRC by now, here's how to get on it...
first off, ignore the registration stuff, close that out...there should be a box in front of you that says "mIRC Setup"
at the top under "IRC servers" there should be a little box at the top with an arrow to the right of it, click on the arrow and scroll down to an "UNDERNET" server (try Washington or Baltimore... Dallas is also ok).
In the blank "Full Name" just put in a cool quote or whatever,
in "E-mail" put in your actual e-mail addy,
in "Nickname" put in the name you want to use, (and pick another one for "alternate nickname").
Next go to "Local Info", make sure all the blanks and boxes are blank, and make sure "server" is checked off under "lookup method"..
Next go to "Identd" enable the "identd server"...under "user I.D." put in your nickname, and under "system" type in "UNIX" if you are using Win'95 or Win'98....
then go back to the "IRC servers" part and click on "connect"!

Once you've connected a list of channels should appear, you want to type in #Machine-Head (my channel)and click on "add" you can also add #Sepultura and/or #Fear_Factory then click the channel and hit "join channel" or just type the command "/join #Machine-Head" and you're in.
(and if you give a shit, I'm "MetalWolf")