Jason Newsted

Interview 7/21/98

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SAM: "I think I need to change my pants"
JASON O: Had all the damn questions
STEVE: "Come on Jason, sign my butt!"


The following is PART of an interview we di d on July 21st in Hartford CT, after a show on the "Poor Re-Touring Me" tour...the first section of this interview will eventually be posted on this site, but is going in the first issue of the Offical Machine Head Fanclub 'zine when that finally happens (sigh), it'll be here...and the interview will be complete..for now though..enjoy

JASON N: Ok one more question since that one took 5 minutes..
JASON O: About...this whole Sepultura thing, you're on the new album?
JASON N: How they came to the studio...2 days after the uhhh..last leg of this tour and stayed at the house for a week.. all of Sepulutra stayed at my house..My girlfriend was freakin' out (laughter) anyway..
SAM: With the new singer
JASON N: Yeah with the new singer, and it was all good ...And we wrote a song together called "Hatered Aside" and uhh..swapped vocals with Derrick and Andreas. We all did vocals and did the chorus together, so it's very metal and it's very old school, it's like, the same type of thing...we got together the first night, smoked, drank, messed around a little bit (laughter) and then just the next day go in and (makes noises). (laughter) and they were, ya know, spittin all their portugese out (something in portugese) (laughter) just fuckin pissed off, they don't...nobody...there's no like buffer, there's no inbetween, or a fuse, ya know? Just like... this happens and this guy doesn't like it "ARGHHH!" they just go at eachother and scream and scream and scream, and like ummm...A little more, and a little more, and that's right. And if one guy likes his part and the other guy doesn't like it, but this guy won't change it, he just goes (in Brazilian accent) "I love it" like that...any one of 'um..."I love it" and nobody else says anything, that's it, that part is staying (laughter). Once somebody says that, then that's ok, nobody is gonna step on it once this guy loves it. so we just built that back and forth, and it was the coolest be able to play with Igor because
SAM: He's nuts...
JASON N: He's the shit, he's the best drummer in heavy metal, there's no question about it...and
SAM: Lars should be bowing..(laughter)
JASON N: Dude, don't even get me started.(too many people talking at once)..not even gonna talk about's a different...Lars plays this kinda drums...Igor plays this kinda drums..and he does this good, and Lars does this better...
JASON O: New singer sounds good? Derrick is cool?
JASON N: Yeah, my opinion of Derrick is ...for his voice-wise...If Paul Baloff in 1984, would've taken care of himself, would've rode a bike, ate healthy ...ya know, all that..taken care of himself, this voice is that. If Paul Baloff was ever superpowerful, that's what this guy sounds like.
JASON O: That's interesting...
JASON N: It really is, it's full blown.. and his appearance is like bloodthursty...big guy
JASON O: I know, I saw the pictures
JASON N: Big guy...and uhh..pretty scary, but very focused also. And the the SoulFly record is cool for what it is, kinda noisy, cool for what it is...
SAM: Sounds kinda like "Roots"
JASON N: But, Sepultura has a better drummer and guitar player to start with, from the get go... so
SAM: And Logan fucked everything up
JASON: Eh, whatever, that's too bad that he made that decision, I think. Ya know, I heard they got somebody ..but if you keep changing people all the time, the magic is gonna change, it's never gonna be the same
SAM: Really pissed Adam off too...
JASON N: I donno, I don't know what to say...about that shit
JASON O: They really like the new guy though, I was talking to thier manager...
JASON N: I hope so, hopefully he'll be more focused than Logan, Logan would start to get a little too high...
JASON O: He's writting new stuff for the band already and they really like it so...
JASON N: That's good...maybe they need a fresh kick in the butt, maybe it'll be for the better...Robb is very ddetermined, very serious individual...There ya go, I gotta split