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You may have heard something about Scum Angel, a band from Oakland featuring Matt Pike (High On Fire), Andy Christ (Econochrist, Grimple, Samiam, Eldopa), Paul Kott (Medication Time, Cruevo), Scott Plumb (Cruevo), and Brad Reynolds. They had some tunes up on myspace, then changed their name to Kalas, put out this album, went on tour, and broke up about a week before I could see them live. Now I've finally gotten ahold of the album and it definately warrants a review. Kalas is basically really good, heavy, melodic stoner rock. Pike's vocals take on a new direction with this project, he's holding out notes longer and it's quite melodic. There's some sweet dual guitar stuff going on, and it's pretty catchy...don't think this will be leaving my cd player for awhile.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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