Karma To Burn

Wild Wonderful Purgatory (MIA Records 2000)

Album review

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I'd never heard these guys before this cd randomly arrived in the mail. So, I read the little record company info sheet..popped it on...and well, it's pretty cool. The entire album is instrumental, like a huge never-ending jam session. I guess they used to have a singer but they kicked him out, said "fuck it" and wrote a whole album with no vocals...
Overall the tunes have a good grove and are pretty heavy at times (not like old Entombed heavy, but like newer Entombed heavy..although they sound nothing like Entombed...that's the best example I can think of) This is good music to put on to smoke a joint or drink a few beers.. It's the perfect background music..or you can sit and listen to all the riffs..either way it's cool.
Stoner rock at it's best...