Interview - Phillip

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Sam: When did you guys start working with Pushead?
Phillip: "Pretty much from the beginning with kylesa. We sent him a rough copy of what became our first album and it started from there."
Sam: Are there plans for any more 7" releases in the near future?
Phillip: "There is possibly, but there are no concrete details right now."
Sam: Three of you do vocals, how did that come about?
Phillip: "That really came about by just not wanting a front person. We all just started pitching in and it has just kind of naturally developed into what it is now."
Sam: How did you guys go through the songwritting process for the new album? and how did you pick a producer?
Phillip: "There isn't really a formula we use for evrything we write, the process changes constantly. I can say a lot of time and thought was put into writing these songs, by all of us. As far as a producer goes E.J.(Prosthetic Records) threw out some names and Alex Newport seemed like a great idea. He is really good at getting the bands he works with their own kind of individual sound, and that's what we wanted."
Sam: Do you guys prefer analog or digital??
Phillip: "I am the recording nerd of the bunch, and I also do producing for other bands as well as playing in kylesa, and I like both analog and digital. I think there are advantages to both."
Sam: Upcoming tour plans?
Phillip: "We have a few in the works, the most definate one right now is a European tour from the end of August through September"
Sam: Who is the craziest band you've toured with?
Phillip: "Honestly I think we are usually the craziest band, but I'd say Planes Mistaken For Stars definately threw down. Darkest Hour were also pretty crazy."

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