Interview - Lamb Of God
Sam finds Mark Morton from Lamb Of God

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Sam: I noticed some of the lyrics on the new album are pretty political, what are you guys thinking as the election is looming in front of us?
Mark Morton: "I think we're probably each thinking about it in different ways, I mean, there's no sort of group identity politically. People seem to be interpreting it that way, or people who are paying attention anyway, and that's cool, but I mean, it's just basically Randy and I write lyrics and we just write about what's on our mind, and it's not like we're telling anybody to go vote for one guy or the other. It's just something we're thinking about. It's bumming alot of people out, it's getting alot of people excited, you know, some people who disagree are like going bad on it. It's like whatever, go write your own record you know? We didn't write it for anyone else, we wrote it for us. But, you know, we'll be anxiously anticipating the results like the rest of the country and the world."
Sam: Did it surprise you guys that the album debuted in the top 200?
MM: "It debuted in the top 30, so yeah, it debuted at #27 on Billboard, so, yeah, and it stayed in the top 200 for...I think it might still be in the top 200 I'm not sure. To be to playing the kind of music we're playing and to have that kind of commercial's odd but exciting."
Sam: You think Headbanger's Ball coming back and that show Urinum help in any way?
MM: "Absolutely, I think that all that, Revolver changing their format to start covering heavy music, and Headbanger's, and Uranium, and bigger labels having the guts to take a chance on something that's not nesessarily proven ground, you know? All of those elements combined make the resurgence of thrash metal here. It's honest right now, it's happening."
Sam: How is that big label thing working out for you guys?
MM: "Real good, real good"
Sam: That's good to hear, you don't hear that often
MM: "So far so good, yeah I've heard all the horror stories, but it's been nothing but good for us since it started so..."
Sam: How's the tour been going so far?
MM: "We're just getting started, but it's been great. I think the bill is set up in such a way each band is bringing kind of a different group to the shows, and it's making for really big turnouts. I think the bands are so good at what they're doing individually that I think it's a real good heavy metal show."
Sam: Are you guys gonna keep touring for a long time and then write a new album, or are you going right back into the studio?
MM: "I'm hoping to work this one a little longer than we did 'Palaces' I mean, I think the touring schedule for 'As The Palaces Burn' was a bit abbreviated because of the new record deal. Epic didn't really want to wait 2 years for us to put out a record after signing with them. I think 'Ashes Of The Wake' is a strong record, it's our best record, and we really want to tour to support it, so I think we'll be on the road for a little bit."
Sam: You guys are filming a DVD?
MM: "We are, we start filming tomorrow, we're doing 2 shows in a row at the Troc in Philly, and we're going to film 'um both and edit it into one show. We're going to take the best bits of each show and put it together into one, pretty exciting."
Sam: Is it just going to be live, or are you guys going to include videos?
MM: "You know what? We're still trying to figure all that out, it's kind of come up pretty quick, but it's gonna be a whole live show, that's what the DVD is going to be based on, it's like, that's going to be the feature of the DVD, the live show. But, there's going to be lots of behind the scenes sillyness, and Ozzfest drunkeness and that kind of stuff, so we'll see what happens. We've got so many hours and hours of footage of us, we film everything, I'm surprised there's not a camera rollin' up there right now. We've got a DVD camera, we film everything all the time, so there's alot of boring tapes of stuff, but then there's you know, a couple awesome moments on each one of those so, we'll just search through them and find the funny stuff, throw it in there."