Lamb Of God

Interview - D Randall Blythe


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Sean Michael Coale: So tell me about the "Headbanger's Ball Tour", How's that going?
D Randall Blythe: Great man, we leave in a week for Canada first dates in Toronto I believe...?
SMC: How's the revolving headliner work?
DRB: We all get 45mins every night, I believe. It's split up by whatever night it is, which is really cool. So, no ego trips, nothing like that. All 5 bands are really good friends, like Shadows, us, Unearth, God Forbid, and Killswitch. It's all really good, God Forbid is doing half and Unearth is doing the other. And we're gonna make sure they're totally taken care of as far as sound. But they'll get a 'lil bit shorter set cause of the headliners.
SMC: Tell me about the DVD coming out?
DRB: Tuesday. We go to NY, CBGB's. This is a dream of mine actually, close down CBGB's for 2 hours during CMJ. Open bar, full catering. To premiere the DVD. It's called "Terror and Hubris," after one of our songs on "Pure American Gospel". And it will be available on our website before Christmas.
SMC: You guys just signed to Epic, are you going into the studio any time soon?
DRB: Our plan is, after this tour, (which is 6 weeks), take 6 months off, go home, write the new record. If we're happy after 6 months with what we've written then we'll enter the studio. If Epic is happy with what we've done in the studio they'll release it. If Epic is not happy with what we've done and tells us to do some bullshit then we'll get dropped and go somewhere else.
SMC: It's not like you'd have a problem getting picked up.
DRB: naw, It's just very important to us to maintain what we want to do. I don't think Epic really has a clue. I mean they have Michael Jackson.
SMC: Ya, how are they gonna know how to promote you?
DRB: I think our management is going to instruct them on how to promote us. And I think it's good for us. Man, I practice 5 nights a week, we're outta town all the time. I can't have a real job. I have no money, I live in a small rented apartment. We're not Rock Stars, we aren't out driving Lamborghinis or anything like that. But I can't do the band full time and survive.
SMC: Are you planning on singing more or just sticking to the same 'ole, same 'ole?
DRB: It's gonna be the same but better, stronger. I'm not planning on busting out the Pearl Jam vocals anytime soon.