Machine Head

Interview - Adam Duce and Logan Mader

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After Following C.O.C., Machine Heand and Drain STH around for 3 days we finally cornered them for an interview in Providence, RI...and actually remembered the tape recorder this time. We ended up with some free beer that night, (thanx to Adam and Reed!) and some funny shit on tape...enjoy

The Interviewers:

Samantha - Editor/person who had to listen to this 500 times and type it out.

George - Got any beer? Got any weed??

Steve - Guy who wanted Woody to sign his ass...Nevermind

Alex - Guy who wears more makeup than Kirk Hammett during the "Load" era....

Joe - Guy with the wicked Boston accent

The Victims:
Adam Duce - Bassist for Machine Head/expert potato launcher

Logan Mader - Guitarist for Machine Head

Adam/Machine Head

George - So, how'd you learn how to shoot a potato so good?

Adam - (LAUGHS) "Alot of practice shooting real guns at the range, and animals and stuff."

Sam - Got any drinking stories?

Adam - "Drinking stories...used to drink alot, don't drink anymore."

George - Have any smoking stories?

Adam - "I've always been smokin'..good smokin stores..I don't know, there's so many of 'um. It's like fuckin' wakin' up, ya know? It's like a daily occurrence."

Adam and Logan - Machine Head

Sam - What's a browneye?

Adam - "Ah..It's vodka and Coca Cola, yup...That's the offical Machine Head drink."

Steve - If you're an ESP endorser, do they make you shit for free, or do you have to pay for it?

Logan - "Nah, it's free."

George - What band do you want to tour with the most?

Adam - "What band do we want to tour with the most, that we haven't...wanna tour with V.O.D. (Vision Of Disorder) for like a real sure off the top o my head. We did Black Sabbath, we did Slayer..."

George - How was Slayer?

Adam - "Slayer was fuckin' killer dude, I wanna tour with Nine Inch Nails, yeah, that'd be fuckin' killer."

Alex/Sam - How was Ozzfest?

Adam - "That was cool"

Logan - "That was cool yeah....would like to go out with them again..uh..We're goin' out with Pantera right after this so...yeah, it was cool touring with them at Ozzfest."

Joe - What do you prefer, club shows or arenas?

Adam - "Clubs."

Adam - "Ozzfest was cool, but I'm glad that we're playing clubs again"

George - Over in Europe, you guys play arenas mostly?

Adam - "No, we play bigger clubs"

George - What are some of your favorite bands?

Logan - "Westside Connection, Prodigy, Vision Of Disorder...uh..Nine Inch Nails"

Steve - Who's got the side project with Newsted (Jason, Metallica)?

Logan - "Oh yeah, Robb does"

Adam - "Yeah, They did like...They jammed for a day..That's what that was, they recorded it. There is a tape somewhere."

Logan - "Yup, if you're really cool you can get one...that' gotta be rea lly cool.."

Adam - "You gotta get it by trading with people."

Joe - What's your favorite song to play live?

Logan - "Hummm...lately it's been "Take My Scars" and Struck A Nerve"...Both about the same."

George - You guys have to work out before you go on?

Logan - "We don't have to work out, I workout usually the daytime."

George - So, you don't have to pump up before the show, you just run out there?

Logan - "No, we don't have to pump up, we stretch out and..we know. like play our guitars and shit to get our fingers warmed up. I just work out to fuckin' maintain my strength and shit."

George - What's the hardest song to play live?

Logan - "The hardest song to play live..."Blistering" is not easy to play live."