Machine Head
Interview with Ahrue 2/11/00

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Sam (actually had questions written down this time!)
Steve (a bit too guitar happy...)
Chris (takin' da photos)

Steve: I was taking to someone yesterday about an anolog delay, and I read an interview somewhere that you had one, where did you pick that up and what kind is it?
Ahrue: We used a bunch of different analog delays on the record, but what I have now is this thing called the Lexicon MPX G2 which has actual analog effects in it, it has like analog circutry in it but it's midi compabable and can like bring up all the presets know how effects racks are these days..
Sam: How fucked up were you after the show in Orlando last week?
Ahrue: ah..I was alright, I didn't get too drunk..there were other people in the band though...
Sam: You guys were just in did that go?
Ahrue: Europe was awesome, it was the best time Machine Head has been over there, we sold out a bunch of places, we sold out Brixton Academy and we sold out..we almost sold out the Zenith in Paris which a 6000 seater...and um, the response was just amazing over there, it was great.
Sam: Why did you decide to join Machine Head?
Ahrue: ah, I had nothing better to do, so I said what the heck?
Steve: I was kind of in your senerio where went into a band that was already established together for like 5 or 6 years, not anywhere close to the calaiber of Machine Head, but what's it like coming in when you have shoes to fill? Is it like an acceptance thing, did you already know the guys n'stuff? Or was it like a try out?
Ahrue: I've known Robb, ya know..for 11 years, way before the birth of Machine Head, and..I always..I knew thay alot of fans like Logan and were sad to see him leave the band and stuff...and all I know is that.. the only thing I can do is do my best..and that just happens to be ahh.. better than Logan.
Steve: How is the deal with Gibson going? you guys work that out yet?
Ahrue: Nah, I'm endorsed by ESP, and that's it...
Steve: Ah really? I was talking to Robb and you guys were saying that you like Gibsons a little better n'stuff, they hold up better on tour.. actually he was the one who told me you guys were working out a deal with Gibson or something...
Ahrue: He might be..I play ESPs...
Steve: really, last time I saw you, you were using an old SG..
Ahrue: No I wasn't...
Steve: really? (laughter) I mean a ESP Viper
Sam: Machine Head fans don't know alot about you yet, so how would you describe yourself?
Ahrue: uh..I'm about 6' 8", blonde...(laughter) uh..I donno
Sam: What bands are you into?
Ahrue: ahh..newer heavy bands, I like Slipknot, System..and Static X is pretty cool...I donno..Revillie is pretty of my favorite records out of the past 2 years is Radiohead "Ok Computer"..soo what other records do you like? (laughter)
Sam: Some of the older fans are bitching about the direction of the new album, since you're the new guy this must be a weird situation...
Ahrue: ahh..if they don't like it, they don't have to listen to it.
Sam: What's your setup? guitar-wise
Ahrue: I use uhh..I play ESP guitars, EMG 81 pickups, I go through a 5051 head, the older model with the EVH, not the signature series, and I use a Lexicon MPX G2 with an R1..and that's it
Steve: What's that effect at the begining of "From This Day"? Is that an envelope filter?
Ahrue: No, it's a..
Steve: 'cause I used my envelope filter and it sounds right
Ahrue: It's an MXR phase 90
Steve: really? the orange pedal?
Sam: The old-school one with the big rubber long have you been playing?
Ahrue: uhh..almost 2 years now (laughter), since I joined the band, like a week after I joined the band I started (laughter)
Sam: What's after this tour?
Ahrue: ahh..we're going to Japan after this..and..we're not sure if we're gonna be doing the Ozzfest this year, we're gonna be doing the European...there's a bunch of festivals in Europe in the summer that we might do..
Chris: Dynamo maybe?
Ahrue: Maybe...
Chris: I'm there...
Ahrue: So, yeah, after Japan we're not really sure what's going on.