Machine Head/Slipknot

9/15/99 Webster Theatre CT

Live Review

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Ok...Slipknot's album was...ok, I didn't hate it, but it wasn't the shit either...and I saw them twice at Ozzfest and wasn't too impressed...tonight was different
I missed the first song or 2 because I was outside pestering Adam (MH), but after I went in and battled my way to a place where I could see something, I noticed the place was going slightly apeshit. (Unusual for a CT crowd, but I won't get into that...) Slipknot actually put on a pretty good show...while I still find their masks quite silly looking and pointless, and the hydrolic 3rd set of drums.. 8 or 9 guys onstage? eh well, overall they sounded pretty good in spite of the P.A..and had alot of energy onstage, the singer seemed to know how to get the crowd going too...although there are only so many times you can use your middle finger without wearing out the effect. The songs sounded better live than on the cd, which is true with almost every cd I've heard that Ross Robinson has produced *cough*


Ahh, my first Machine Head show in 2 years...First off, the P.A. system at the Webster theatre SUCKS ASS, it took about 15 minutes to get a kickdrum signal, the fans (including myself) were getting pretty restless and pissed off, but finally the problem was solved, and out walks Dave...I had to do a double take to see that it was really Dave...what's up with the sunglasses..and that shirt? eek! Looked like Dave was on his way towards the stage and got pulled into Coal Chamber's wardrobe and attacked.
The band started right in with Desire to Fire and began to fuck shit up...The new songs seem to go over great live and mixed well with the older material...Robb jumped around, and Adam thrashed about, but something was different.
Maybe it was seeing new guitarist Ahrue Luster up there instead of Logan, or Robb's new spikey haircut...or maybe it was seeing them play "Old" with only Ahrue playing guitar..Robb just ran around with a mic, went over and stood on the steps behind the barrier..but didn't put the mic into the crowd or dive in...bizarre. I think Robb also was guitarless on the last song "Nothing Left"..I'd never seen that before.
The 40-45 minute set didn't do MH justice, there were only 2 songs each off of their first 2 albums, (Davidian, Old, Take My Scars and Ten Ton Hammer) and 4 new tunes...not sure about the order, but here's the setlist

Desire To Fire
Take My Scars
The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
Ten Ton Hammer
From This Day
Nothing Left

I think they should've been headlining this tour, they need more time, there was no "Violate", no "A Thousand Lies", "Struck A Nerve", "Blood For Blood" "Blistering" or "Death Church"... they've got 3 albums out for gad sakes, and Coal Chamber only has 2...besides, if I were CC, I'd be worried about following them...there are few bands that can.