The Globe , Stockholm, Sweden 9/17/99

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This was one of the most anticipated tours of the year here in Sweden and it sold out at the first day of its release, with only Metallica selling out The Globe quicker this year. And as the date was getting closer I got more and more fired up to see this classic band. This was going to be my first time seeing them, and with Bruce and Adrian back this was must see.
I arrived at the Globe around half an hour before Megadeth would hit the stage and already MAIDEN MAIDEN chants made their way around the Globe. The audience was ready to party for sure.
Around 7.30 Megadeth hit the stage beginning with a new song I think is called "Princess of Darkness". And to be honest Megadeth isn't my favorite band and live they are boring as shit. The fact that Dave can't sing isn't making it better and they aren't the best stage band either with to much boring posing and just standing there. The biggest response they got was when they played "Symphony of Destruction" and "Peace Sells". My first thought after they were finished was with another singer they could be a good band cause they are very good musicans.

The crowd got more and more anixous to see what they have come to see: IRON MAIDEN. And after a short break the show started with an intro showing graphics from their cd-rom game "Ed Hunter" and then the famous intro speech from Winston Churchill. The first song of the evening was as expected "Aces High" and the whole Globe went nuts. Dunno if I have ever heard a so loud crowd before, you could tell there were lots of hardcore fans cause everybody knew the words to the songs. Maiden went straight into "Wratchild" and fuck I'm glad Bruce is back !!! He is such a good stage animal running around banging and workin the crowd like a master. The only lowpoint of the evening was in the middle of the set when they played some of Blaze-era songs, even though Bruce and the band do them really well the crowd didn't get into them. On "Futureal" we got Eddie on stage fighting with both Bruce and Janick, fun as hell.
The absolute highlight was "Fear of The Dark", you could tell the crowd liked that song, sometimes I couldn't hear Bruce cause the crowd was singing so loud. The show went on showing classic after classic. The encore was crushing with "Iron Maiden", "Hallowed be thy name" and "Run To The Hills" can it be better then that??? After around 100 min of Maiden they left the stage and we couldn't believe it was already over. The lights went on and the song "Always look on the bright side of life" blasted out of the speakers. We went home happy as little kids who just got their Saturday candy. Outside the arena you could hear MAIDEN MAIDEN chants long after Maiden had left the building.

Reviewed by: Johan Hult aka "Mippu" Half-assed editing : Wolfie

The opinions of Mippu do not nessesarily reflect those of Absolut Metal, they might, they might not..blah, blah, who cares?