Blood Mountain (Warner 2006)

Album review

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...I'm trying not to put Mastodon on a pedestal here, but they keep climbing up there and fucking all my shit up. The first time I heard this album, my jaw was hanging open and I was drooling on myself...I'm surprised I didn't fall on the ground and start twitching. I've had their latest gift to the senses for a couple of weeks now, and since it's not coming out of my cd player anytime soon, I figured now was a good time to review it. Oh, where to begin...
For starters, this album will surprise you, it doesn't sound anything like Mastodon's previous works, in fact this one goes off in a creative direction that I didn't even know was on the map. It's still technically crazy, the insane drum work, the amazing guitar leads and nutty riffs are there in full swing, many different styles are tossed about, and it's just dripping with Thin Lizzy...but the real story here are the vocals. Yes, Mastodon have figured out how to sing, making them a deadly and unstoppable force. Sure, there's still some yelling and growling, but Brent Hinds and Troy Sanders are now doing so much more, it's melodic, and it varies a bit from track to track, but vocally this album blows everything else they've done away. "The Sleeping Giant", "The Colony Of Birchmen", and "This Mortal Soil" completely destroy. As a musician I feel humbled everytime I listen to this band.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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