Mastodon/American Heritage Split 7"

(Delboy Records 2003)

7" picture disk review

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This little beauty comes to us from Belgium on some seriously thick vinyl, and features 2 tracks: Mastodon doing Thin Lizzy's classic "Emerald", and American Heritage - "Boy Lover". Mastodon definately do the Thin Lizzy cover justice, it's heavy, it's raw, and they nail every note to perfection, bringing through the feel of the original and at the same time making it their own. American Heritage's offering is full of off-time, swirling, hypnotic grooves and more time changes than an airline. I don't think I've heard anything quite like these guys before. The vocals are a bit abrasive, but what isn't these days? Just think if EyeHateGod were more technical, you'd have something near American Heritage.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie