Interview - Troy Sanders
Stiring up the underground...

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Sam: How did this tour with Clutch come together?
Troy: "Our label hooked us up with Clutch for 2 weeks in November of 2002, and it went so well, like musically, and personally that they were going out for this whole month and they personally asked us to be the main support for them, which means play right before them every night, so we've all been listening to Clutch for 12 years so, it was like, we had to say yes."
Sean: We just found out about this show the other day, how long has this tour been planned?
Troy: "The tour was booked to end this past Sunday in Grand Rapids, but during the tour they added a few dates so this show was only booked probably a couple weeks ago."
Sean: When we last talked to your guitar player, (Brent Hinds) last he actually said you guys were going off the road after I think Milwaukee, do you plan on going into the studio? Have you guys started writing anything?
Troy: "Yeah, for this year, September, 9 months, we've been on tour for 9 months. We've been tour the whole fuckin' year, and on Sat. we go home for 2 months to write and record a new album. We're going to record it in January, it's tenatively scheduled to come out in May on Relapse. We've got tons of riffs and songs, but we just haven't practiced all year, we've been on tour. It'll be in the same vein as our last album 'Remission', but obviously all new fresh material, some slow, some pretty, some heavy, some fast, some epic, some short, some sweet."
Sean: How do you guys piece songs together like that? They go from so many moods, but they just flow so nicely. Alot of bands try that and it seems like 'ok we'll have this part and then... alright, how do we transition? Let's throw in a drumroll'. You guys seem to do it very smoothly.
Troy: "We try to just, you know, we'll have riff A and riff B and we'll try to marry those riffs together and if they don't match nicely then it doesn't happen. We take our time making sure that the riffs go together, back to back, nicely, because once we write that song, we're going to go on tour and play it 300 fucking times. So, if you want to have true energy and emotion into it every night, like the songs that we played tonight, we've played these songs hundreds of times, but if you're going to play those songs night after night after night with integrity, you have to love the songs."
Sean: Do you guys already have a producer in mind?
Troy: "Yeah, we're going to record with Matt Bayles again, the dude that did our last one. Because it's only going to get bigger and better with him."
Sam: Have you guys thought about putting out any more vinyl? Split 7" or anything?
Troy: "Yeah, we had a 7" come out this week. We had like 200 copies and we sold 'um already this week. We're gonna get more of 'um once we get home and put 'um on our website thing. Otherwise we always just have our shit for sale on tour, but we just got 'um a few days ago and they're already gone."