Ill Fate 2003 Engineered and mixed by Ethan Dessault

Album review

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Waaf - vox
Eric - bass
Tim - drums and bagpipes
Herb - gtr
Toby - gtr

Where so many local bands these days forget their roots, Medicine4Tim grab them by the balls and rip them the fuck off with heavy sick assed riffs, (and oh ya did I mention aaf can sing his muthafunkin' ass off, that boy has a set of lungs like no other). There is alittle bit of music here too, with the band not just sticking to metal. They dive into celtic punk rock as well, letting little Timmy get into his glory as he tears the bagpipes apart. This is one of the finer local Boston bands, if you're around this area and like heavy punk and Black Sabbath influenced bands, Medicine4Tim is the band for you. Oh ya, watch out for the Dorcester shrimp.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards