The Globe , Stockholm, Sweden 5/28/99

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Metallica the greatest band in the world ever came back to Stockholm on May 28th 1999 for an indoor show at the famous swedish arena the Globe. As Metallica was on a European festival tour this was one of few indoor headlining shows they did this summer.
I arrived at the arena an hour or so before the opening act (which was Monster Magnet) hit the stage. Me and my friend bought some t-shirts and some beer and took our seats. In Sweden we always have general admisson shows on the floor which is great cause the crowd can go even more nuts than usual. Around the 7.00 pm Monster Magnet hit the stage (editor's note: gag) and they actually got the crowd going.
They were a good opening act (not as good as COC was the last time) and they got the crowd going especially in the "hit" song SpaceLord. They played for about an hour or so.
The Metallica crew took the stage to prepare for Metallica and crowed got even more heated up and the famous wave (which is kinda popular in the Globe) made several rounds around the Globe and peolple started clapping screaming and so on. The mood was great.
And after some wait finally the lights went down and Ectasy Of Gold started. Everyone in seated area stood up and everybody went nuts. This intro is great, the atomsphere it createst is just awesome. Well the intro fades out and finally there they are kicking it in with "Breadfan" and the place went nuts. After Breadfan they went into the full version of "Master". After that we got to have the heavy "Thingy" and "Wolf". In the fifth song "Fuel" we got the first pyro of the evening and it was great. After Fuel Jaymz asked the crowd to help him sing and "Memory" began and it was absolutley awesome, the crowd sung louder then Jaymz on this one especially on the La la part, great. The selection of songs were great even if I miss "Fade to black" and "King Nothing" needs a break. "Fight fire With Fire" showed that Metallica still has it.
They played lots of old shit like "Horsemen" "Bellz" and so on. "Nothing Else Matters" was awesome, Jaymz voice is just getting better and I think he shows it best on this song with a really good help from the crowd who knew every word to this song. After nearly 2 � hours Metallica played their last encore which was the always awesome "Battery". My thought after the show was that this was the best Metallica concert I have ever seen, Jaymz was wilder then ever and Kirk seems to be more on these days and Jason is always a maniac on stage. Lars was a little more laidback than before but it must be boredome or the age, but he still plays well.
This is a short review of the concert, I could have done it with a song by song but I'm sure you all know the songs and its over 2 months since the concert were and I can't remember every detail.

Johan Hult aka "Mippu" (edited by wolfie)