The Mighty Nimbus

The Mighty Nimbus (Candlelight Records Feb 8th, 2005)

album review

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The Mighty Nimbus are indeed Mighty, at least on the first 7 tracks. Pete Champel (Sixty Watt Shaman) is singing his ass off. Alabama Thunderpussy's Erik Larson rips on "Broken Hoof", and "Drinkin' On A Pile Of Skulls", but does the last 2 tracks all death metal-ish. Now don't get me wrong, I like Alabama Thunderpussy and all, but Erik going all death metal over doom/stoner metal riffs just doesn't work that well for me. It sounds like a bad Crowbar ripoff in some places. Aside from the vocals, we've got a serious quality stoner rock/doom record, (there's some of each on here). The riffs on this album command complete stoner respect, ranging from bluesy and groovy, to tar pit sludge. The drums and bass provide solid groove in this slab of stoner heaven.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie