Interview - Mindless Self Indulgence

Sean Michael Coale interviews Jimmy Urine (vocals)

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SMC: How's the tour been going?
Jimmy Urine: "It's been going good."
(at this point Jimmy grabs my tape recording smacking it to his mouth, "Is this thing on?")
SMC: Ya it's on, it's going, it's recording.
(Jimmy still with my tape recording begins blowing it, Oh Yea, ladies he's available.)
JU: "Smells good"
SMC: Probably smells like my bag. So any plans for after this tour EPs or summer fests?
JU: "Umm going to sleep. umm, well let's see we finish the tour soon. Probably around Christmas and then, umm the EP that's only available on tour. There's gonna be another version of it with DVD, different art. It'll probably come out in the wintery time January, Feburary-ish. And then work on our record."
SMC: Any new side projects?
JU: "Sleep, sleep is my new side project"
SMC:Any new cover songs and are you still doing "Method Man"?
JU: "Umm not off the top of my head. Wait you mean live. Oh ya, ya the kids like that one."
SMC: Ya gets 'em to jump around, they like to move, the kids that is. How did the new album come together?
JU: "What from the EP that's available, it's just songs and we put it out there. And there it is. No big crazy plan. No today German, tomorrow the world kinda thing. Pretty much just put it out.
Andrew Wolfe and SMC: Ya, Du Hast.
SMC: What's your current take on fashion and music?
JU: "What like fashion and music at the same time?"
SMC: Well ya, you seem kinda fashionable. Figured you'd have a take on them.
JU: "Well aren't they 2 different things, isn't one thing like......"
SMC: Depends on what bands you're talking about, sometimes the fashion is the music.
JU: "I just like to dress up purrrty, music's sucking more and more right now. There's nothing special about music right now. You set 'em up cause I'm knocking them right the fuck out."
SMC: Will you be voting next fall and who will you be voting for?
JU: "Is there a vote coming up?
Andrew Wolfe: Presidental election and everything.
JU: "This November?"
SMC: Oh Yea!
JU: "This past November, did I miss it?"
SMC: No, no.
JU: "Oh, next November. Oh ya, I guess if I ever go down and register. Remind me in October."
SMC: I'll call up your tour manager and let her know it's time, cause you have till what the 15th of Oct? What 5Cds, do you have to have on tour with you?
JU: "I hate Cds, I'm into video games and movies."
SMC: Well then, what would you want to have with you?
JU: "Well #1 would be "Glengary, Glenross". And then we got "Shaolin Soccer"which is always good, umm "Rock - n - Rules" is a good one. Anything animatedis always good, more people punching people. People speaking Chinese is always good. And then as far as video games, anything from Game Boy Advanced, anything from England I can probably get. Anything old, that type of stuff. Sega Genesis, that's fancy but I am really not straight up a real fan of Major League Baseball, but we got MLB '03. It's got this cool fartting noise, when you do Home Runs anytime you want."
SMC: Ya, but what about GTA III? You run around with the blow torch, that shit never gets old.
JU: "Ya, but I've already played every single bit of GTA. Gone through every single plan."
SMC: Have you heard of Man Hunt?
JU: "Ya, but is that gonna be like State of Emergency or GTA?"
AW/SMC: Ya, ya.
JU: "Did you hear Rockstar optioned the rights and they're gonna make 'The Warriors' into a video game?"
JU: "Rockstar bought the rights to 'The Warriors' and are making it a video game."
SMC:Is it gonna follow the movie story line or can you be any of the gangs?
JU: "All I heard is they bought the rights and they're making it a video game. And #II I heard they're making a Vice City II."
SMC: I didn't really care about Vice City.
JU: "It wasn't as good as #III, was it? I like #III better anyways."
SMC: Ya, it was just slower. When you're beating the shit out of someone it would kinda slow down. Almost pause. Sp I only tried it a couple of times. Then went and got Desert Storm, figured I'd do my part as an American and kill Saddam in a video game.
JU: "He's the type of guy who calls long distance using the Socom helmet."
SMC: No, no, no. If I wanted to wear a headset, I would have worked at Mc D's. I avoided the drive thru growing up
JU: "I like how we skipped right over music and went right to video games, like FUCK IT!"
SMC: Ya, it's a good topic.
JU: "What do you guys listen to?"
SMC: Right now, Isis.
JU: "Never heard of them, too many bands. We need to assinate a lot of these bands. Lots of bands could really be assinated, way too many."
SMC: Could we start from the mid-west out towards Cali?
JU: "Sure!"
SMC: NYC is pumping out enough as it is.
JU: "New Youk is pumping out way too many fucking bands."
AW: Are you associated with Red China, Sir?
JU: "Who's Red China?"
SMC: Perhaps, Communist Cuba?
JU: "Oh you mean actually Red China. Oh no, sorry guys."
SMC: It's ok. But what about your bees, do you miss your bees?
JU: "No, I miss my cupcake, I liked that cupcake."
SMC: Anything else to add?
JU: "Buy lots of our stuff. Give me some money, stop making more bands. Make an animated series I like to watch instead."