Stage Fright (SPV Records 2005)

DVD review

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A live Motorhead DVD shows up in the mail, yum. I pop it on, Lemmy struts out like he can kick the ass of everyone in the room and announces, "We are Motorhead, we play rock and roll". They sure as hell can, blasting thru a recent setlist with 20 tunes including "Shoot You In The Back", "No Class", "Killed By Death", "Iron Fist", "Overkill", "Dancing On Your Grave", and of course, "Ace Of Spades". Sweet...

The video itself is excellent, and the cameras don't jump around too much, so you can actually see what the hell is going on. It's also well edited, the camera seems to be on the right guy at the right time, you're not looking at the bass player picking his ass during the guitar solo, etc...The sound isn't too shabby either, it's nice and loud, mixed well.

The 2nd disk holds extra footage, such as "We Are The Road Crew" which features band interviews, behind the scenes footage and interviews with the road crew. There's a "making of" showing the stage being built, all the camera gear being set up, more interviews with the camera crew, all that fun stuff...A fan section and "Testimonials" are next, the latter being road stories from roadies (good stuff, crazzzy stuff). There's also a slide show, tour rider, "L.A. special" which has more backstage footage with a few familliar faces (Kerry King, Dave Grohl). There's alot of entertaining stuff in here, if you're a Motorhead fan, definately pick this up.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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