Mutual Lines

In the Sands

Demo review

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This is a 6 song demo by the New York natives known as Mutual Lines, and while the songs structures are good, they just rely to much on influences, mostly Ozzfest in general. But this is Metal in the year 2004, the kids listen to the radio, as much as that bothers me. Record companies are still selling products. And now when I say these guys rely heavily on their influences, I mean it sounds as if Korn and Meshuggah got thrown into a blender and were forced to write a song with what was left over. When I say that,I know it can be taken so many ways, but for me it's more or less a combo of the 2 bands with lil weird Korn fills here and there. Which makes me think they tried to go the jazzy sub writting of Meshuggah but couldn't get it down so they opted instead for the Korn way. I mean there's even a period where they try rapping and it gives you just one more reason why white guys shouldn't do that. Mutual Lines vocalist Cory Anazalone isn't a Johnathan Davis by any means, but man can that kid hit the notes like Jens Kidman. Over all, Mutual Lines are heavy with quick time changes, and tripped out weird little riffs here and there, but to improve anything on this band they'd have to let go of their influences first.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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