Mystery Blue

(Independent Promo) (2002)

Album review

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Mystery Blue was formed by Frenzy (guitar) in 1982, but due to some difficulties in the group they changed the line up and did change all in the band back in 1996. So now the band is
Nahtalie-lead vocals
Vince-drums (ex. Alter)
Dany-bass (ex. Time Riders)
These 3 tracks are recorded at Jam Music in Pirmasen, Germany. The producers are Andy Lubbert and Stefan Glass. This French group impresses a lot, especially Nahtalie and Frenzy. I donít know though what the album is called.
The group plays 80's metal and they do it really good. In these nu-metal days it is eminent that there is band sticking to what they do best, like Mystery Blue. Much of the bandís greatness is based on Nathalieís amazing voice.
"Dark Visions" has a slow intro with only guitar before the rest of the group joins in and the song kicks off. Itís kind of a slow 80's metal song and the guitar solo is brilliant. In "Angel" Nahtalieís voice sounds really good. "Rollercoaster Ride" is more of a faster 80's metal track.
Mystery Blue impresses a lot, especially if youíre a fan of 80's metal like me. Iím looking forward to the album. If the album is as good as these 3 tracks then Mystery Blue has the future ahead of them.
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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating 8/10