Return to the Pit Presents "New England is Wicked Pissed" volume 1

album review

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Starting off with one of the best kept secrets in Mass metal, Pillory deliver some of the most imaginitive songwriting since early Candiria, mixing up several genres with some of the best drumming around. If you haven't checked into them yet do yourself a favor. Teratism is just straight a head brutal death metal, but well worth the looking into, mixing up the likes of Morbid Angel, Skinless, and Suffocation. Sin Of Angels bring on the likes of older day sludge, then the happy Sabbath-filled rock that's swallowing up stoners everywhere. SoA's vocalist pulls double duty, throwing his grind band the Nightmare Continues on here as well, bringing probably their most melodic track I've heard. Don't get the wrong impression by it, you'd never surivive their set if you think it's just that. Abhorred is an old school metal band mixing up the blues and thrash with the likes of old Slayer, Soilent Green and even hints of Eyehategod. With 20 total bands, this collection spreads thru just a small section of what is New England's metal scene, but it's well worth looking into to see what is going on around here.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

AbsolutMetal 2005