Napalm Death
Interview - Barney

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A frank political discussion of the current state of the world as Barney lays out some heavy opinions that shed some insight into the politically charged ways of Napalm Death

Sean: Just in general, with all the things going on right now in the world...what's your take on it?
Barney: "I think um... I think certain people are behaving unchecked, you know what I mean. I think that...I don't think people fully realize exactly what would happen if George Bush is allowed to do what he wants to do. I think people don't fully realize the consequences of what could happen you know? It just seems like this whole Iraq situation has come out of nowhere, and as much as people like me get shouted down for trying to find the truth, screw the truth you know, it just seems that George Bush just wants to do what his father didn't finnish you know? It almost seems like an ego thing you know? it's base level..."
Sean: He's basically taking the same route you know? His whole approve rating was down, what's the best way to try to win a re-election?
Barney: "Exactly, because there isn't anything really strong I think, that the Republican party can win on. I know they've got those tax plans set, but those are only for the rich you know? They're not for the poor. And obviously the old thing that still rings true is that there is alot of oil over there that the United States kinda needs because the natural resources in Europe are only going to last for so many years."
Sean: I think they kinda think if they're controling the whole thing that the world's economy will catch up to what our's should be and everyone will be taken care of
Barney: "On a serious level, I think it's about time that instead of trying to enforce itself further that it step...the American administration bullshit seekers step back and try to understand exactly why people have a problem with America's administration, with the foreign policy."
Sean: Since you've been on tour during this whole time over here, since it's been going on, have you been able to watch some of the news?
Barney: "Yeah, I do, I mean obviously like CNN is very readily available. Of course I don't always think that what is on the news is black and white by any stretch."
Sean: Well, more or less I like the fact that CNN does get to talk to, not really the Prime Ministers, but the negotiators, they get a different take and it's kinda like the first time anyone has come out and been like, look what your country is doing to the rest of the world.
Barney: " is hard to trust though because I mean, CNN in the past has been particularly biased towards the Republican party. Then there are other people that say otherwise so..."
Sean: Well, it is owned by Ted Turner
Barney: "Yeah, of course, so there you go"
Sam: Anything to do with AOL is evil
Barney: "Yeeeah, AOL I mean, there are certain things I probably need to research a little bit, there's so much information."
Sean: How do you look at your own country, like Tony Blair?
Barney: "I think...the vibe that I get is most people in England, and as has been indicated by the polls, is that most people in England do not want the war. What's the point? They don't want Tony Blair to stick so closely to George Bush, people just think he's..."
Sean: For a little while there you guys seemed like you were going a little astray from that the Republican party wanted every country to be like.
Barney: "Yeah, well, ultimately Tony Blair is buried in on the fact that he's a Labor Party candidate, which if you look at it in basic terms essentially the tone of the party that Tony Blair represents is ment to be, even though it's not the same as what it was, it's ment to be a left, or leaning party. Whereas obviously George Bush is a conservative Republican, he's quite far right you know? Alot of people in England cannot see why Tony Blair should shift so closely over to that side. He goes against the fundamanetals of what the Labor Party is supposed to be about, so alot of people are kinda curious about that. The hardcore, the bedrock of voters in England are working class."
Sean: You figure if he's trying to reboost the economy, why all of a sudden he shifted the exact opposite
Barney: "One thing that amused me the other day was, I think George Bush had gone to see some foreign guy and there was a 2 pronged talk about the war on terrorism, and oil. So, you figure with the combination of that, the conversation would go as follows: Are you going to help me in the war on terrorism? Well, we're not sure. Well, we'll give you this this oil if you do. So, you know there's oil rights, aid, money, etc."
Sean: That's the one thing that scares me, if we do go in and take control of that, it's one step closer to turning everything into a giant company, you know? If you don't follow our exact guidelines, well then, why should we help you do anything? I donno if you follow what's going on with Canada right now, they're kinda liberal on marijuana right now...
Sam: They're being threatened by our government.
Barney: "Yeah, I know I heard about that, actually Devin (Strapping Young Lad), it struck me wow, you're Canadian, and he was telling me about that stuff.
Sean: They're trying to blame them right now for the lack of border control. In general, when you think of Canada you don't think of them as having a big army to control any borders.
Barney: "Yeah, of which they probably don't. I mean Canada are quite within their rights as an independent country so just tell America to go fuck yourself you know?"
Sam: That's what I'm hoping they'll say.
Barney: "Well, Canada are um... It was some little speech George Bush made not so long ago that said, you know, our resources in America aren't going to last forever and we need what Canada has and we will have it. You know, he basically said that. Sean: The one thing that scares me the most about his whole party is, normally when you have a president in there, some people in the party are still their own thinkers, but it seems like for once everybody is all lined up and like, let's just go get the money and who cares what's gonna happen.
Barney: "Yeah, I was watching that guy Ralph Nader on the television, I like him alot, actually I must say I do like him alot."
Sam: Voted for him in the last election.
Barney: "Yeeeeah..."
Sean: Unfortunately he missed his time back in the late 70's
Barney: "But his time could come again, you know, I think if there's enough interest in his campaign I think...alot of people voted for him in the last election."
Sean: Most of the media around here doesn't really cover how much of the other parties' vote there is, they bring up that you're taking away from whatever party could win.
Sam: They ignore every candidate except Republicans or Democrats
Barney: "Well, that's the thing, and that was the point that Ralph Nader made the other day was that they need to look at the way things go. This whole 2 party system needs to be readjusted so it includes a broad base of parties."
Sean: Here in Massachusetts in the run for governor, there were 5 people running and 3 of them weren't getting any press until finally people started protesting.
Barney: "Something needs to happen, at a central government level. The pressure need to be brought to bear to make the situation better because there's no alternative anymore."
Sean: Did you happen to catch any of Nelson Mandella's speech about what's going on?
Barney: "I didn't.."
Sean: He's the first person to step up besides the leader of North Korea and say that we're the most evil people in the world right now. And coming from somebody that's like him, this is the time when you have to step back and say, wow. Unfortunately, too many people are into the, wake up and go to work, I'll catch the evening news thing.
Barney: "I mean, that's the thing, I hate to generalize but, one thing I do find about the Americans in the middle I guess, of society, is that they're so willing to accept what's told to them by media channels, and advertising is very powerful in this country. Not to say it's not in England, but very much less so, you know what I mean? People are very, very critical of the government in England.