Apollo (Liquor and Poker Records 2006)

Album review

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Nebula bring their own brand of space rock on their newest offering, "Apollo". It's just plain old good fuckin' fuzzy rock n' roll, like Fu Manchu slowed down a bit, and on steriods. The riffs are simple, the drums are simple, the leads are there only to improve the song, and everything is arranged masterfully. Nebula are complex only in originality and creativity, a rock band that is very mellow, but also anything but boring. There isn't a track on that album that's more than 4:35 long, some are little instumentals like "Trapezium Procession". "The Eagle Has Landed" is a favorite on this one, it's Nebula at their best.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal