Here Where Nothing Grows (Important Records 2005)

Album review

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Local doomsters Ocean, (they're from Maine, it's still New England, close enough) have finally put out an album. A very welcome one considering the amount of people drooling after hearing their demo. There are 3 solid slabs of doom here, all clocking in at over 19 minutes each. And they milk those minutes, they draw them out...sloooowly. Ocean can get so slow it seems as though they're trying to stop time itself. The musical landscape here is bleak, yet beautiful, these guys know how and when to space things out and when to layer them. The angst-ridden vocals are far and few, but the music drives that home by itself, reflective, depressing, and best of all, different. Ocean are a whole new breed of doom.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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