Conference of the Birds (Holy Mountain 2006)

Album review

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Om's 2nd album is a bit more...mellow. Om on ludes? Pretty much. There are 2 tracks, both topping 15 minutes in length, the first of which is "At Giza", a relaxed and groovy number with Al Cisneros' signature chant-like vocals. Although the song stays at pretty much the same tempo as it moves through it's phases, the nasty distorted bass riffing and spacious drumming hold your attention, and early Pink Floyd comes to mind on several occasions. The 2nd song, "Flight of the Eagle" sounds more like something off the band's debut, "Variations on a Theme", it's dense, and a bit more aggressive than the first track. The whole album is an amazing stab at musical transcendence, where spirtuality is expressed through huge, loud vibrations that all mix together to form all that is Om. Killer stuff to listen to after you burn one.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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