Interview - Peter Lindgren

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Dan: Is this your first time in America?
Peter: "No, we actually played Milluakee Metalfest last year, that was the first time and it was great."
Dan: How have the crowd reactions been so far?
Peter: "Excellent, better than we ever could have expected actually. It's the first time we've done a massive tour in the United States, we're sort of overwhelmed by the reaction we get. I mean, we're just ordinary guys we're not fuckin' Marylin Manson or anything."
Dan: What country are you guys from? (Editor's note: hey, I already knew this, don't look at me!)
Peter: "Sweden"
Dan: That is definately a breeding ground for alot of cool bands...
Peter: "For some reason we have this death metal tradition from the early 90's, Entombed, and Dismember, and all those bands and then came the wave of gothic metal like At The Gates."
Dan: On the heavier side though, you guys seem to have a definate black metal influence, but everything else seems like old music and progressive rock...
Peter: "yeah, we're influenced by the 70's progessive rock bands...
Sam: stoner metal...
Peter: "We're influenced by everything, Stevie Wonder is one good artist too. We're not a black metal band at all. We listen to every kind of music and I don't like putting tags on music because I mean death metal is a genre but it's pretty narrow and narrow minded too I think. Many bands just listen to that kind of music and we listen to everything. When you listen to different kinds of music maybe subconciously you can put it into your own music without even knowing it. I think that's a good way to break boundries."