Orange Goblin

Healing Through Fire (Mayan Records 2007)

Album review

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One thing is for sure, the newest offering from England's Orange Goblin will kick your ass. It's packed with raw, raunchy, alcohol-fueled hard rock reminiscent of the band's earlier albums, (like "The Big Black"). One has to wonder if the band were in search of attaining a record of perfect drinking music. The Sabbath-soaked riffs slide under a bed of bluesy vocals. Excellent. The last track does stand out a bit, it's a slow, bluesy. pokey little number entitled "Beginners Guide To Suicide" complete with harmonica and lyrics like "Ripped apart from the core, My hands are so sore, The pills help me dream as hate drips from my pores, Poison coursing my veins, so filled with disdain, I can never return to the pain of before". Awesome. As if anything else were actually necessary, there's a limited edition 2 disk set with a DVD featuring live footage from The Mean Fiddler in 2006.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2007 AbsolutMetal