Interview - Orange Goblin


Ben Ward from Orange Goblin responds to some e-mail questions

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Sam: Have you guys begun working on a new album? If so, how is the material sounding? Any album title yet? Song titles?
Ben Ward: "After a busy year of touring the US and Europe we have now had the luxury of getting a few months off, which has given us time to sort out new management and record deals. In the meantime though we have started to write new material that is not likely to see the light of day until 2006 as it stands at the moment. But I can tell you that the new material is very strong and rather than rush things we plan to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. We have a few songs at the moment that are very much a continuation of the kind of material on 'Thieving From The House Of God'. We don't really have anything other than silly working titles yet as the lyrics will come later."
Sam: Will the lyrics take on a new direction this time?
BW: "Again it is always hard to say what kind ofsubject matter will influence the lyrics until I getsome kind of inspiration, which comes from books, movies, experience or whatever."
Sam: Any plans for a 7" release or other vinyl?
BW: "It is always good to do 7" records or split EP's but realistically for a band like us it is very financially difficult, so unless appropriate offers come our way, we will be channelling our efforts into the next full-length album."
Sam: Any plans for shows in the future? tours?
BW: "It sounds really dull but apart from the occasional show here and there, Orange Goblin will be pretty busy writing and recording for the next year. There are plans to get over to Ireland and Greece sometime soon, but no tours are in the pipeline."
Sam: What other bands have you been listening to lately?
BW: "I consider myself to have really diverse tastes in music so recently I have been listening to a lot of really good black metal. The new album by Aura Noir is awesome but I've also been listening to Nattefrost, YOB, Mastodon, The Faces, Superjoint Ritual, Little Feat, Willie Nelson, David Allen Coe, The Haunted, Pentagram and lots of old school stuff that rarely leaves my CD player like Slayer, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden etc. etc."
Sam: Who do you think doom/stoner rock has changed in the past 10 years since you've started?
BW: "The Stoner/Doom scene has continued to move in different directions in the past ten years and that has meant that a lot more styles of music have been given that tag, when in truth only a few bands really fall into that category. A few years ago it seemed that any band with a hint of a Black Sabbath influence were labelled Stoner and 9 out of 10 of the artists would have disputed this, me included. But now I see a bigger picture and understand why Orange Goblin are considered Stoner, which is cool but I think we are a different style to bands that also get tagged that. I mean there is such a diverse bunch of bands today, ranging from Mastodon and Superjoint Ritual, through Electric Wizard and Eyehategod, to Fu Manchu and Queens Of The Stone Age. Every band brings something very different to the table, which helps this scene keep moving and evolving."
Sam: Any good recent tour stories?
BW: "It's a little bit of a cliche these days but all the best stories never get remembered because they tend to happen heavily under the influence, but we are planning an Orange Goblin DVD featuring on tour footage so maybe a few memories will be re-kindled.