Orange Goblin

Thieving From The House Of God (Rise Above Records 2004)

Album review

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British stoner-punk doomsters Orange Goblin have made themselves a real rock n' roll album here. Not as consistently heavy as their previous releases, (a bit to my dissapointment) they've nonetheless made a fine collection of blusey drinkin' and dancin' tunes...with a Motorhead feel. Refreshing to say the least. The Goblin deliver once again with vodka soaked instant classics like "If It Ain't Broke, Break It" and "Round Up The Horses" which just happens to start off with Sabbathy heavy-as-hell riff, (no surprise there eh?), this song has definately got groove. The 2nd half of "Crown Of Locusts" wins hands down for heaviest riff on the album, sick, sick stuff. Orange Goblin, highly recommended for anyone into good stoner rock.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie