Wrecking Everything (Spitfire, 2002)

DVD review

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I'm not an Overkill fan, can't stand the vocals. There were some impressive riffs on their last album, but I just can't get by the singing. That said, this is still a decent DVD. You actually get 2 disks, one with the live show, one with backstage footage, studio, interviews etc. and...oh my god, this is a first, a BOOKLET. Thus far all of the DVDs we've gotten for review have been lacking this simple, basic, fundamental piece that should be included in every DVD release. But back to the other features, there's a photo gallery and all the other usual stuff any Overkill fan would want. The show is ok, pretty good sound etc. Overall, I'd say it's a good deal if Overkill is your thing.

DVD Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie