Perfect Circle/NIN

5/3/00 Providence, R.I.

live review

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Ah, what an "interesting" night, I won't bore you with my misforutunes from the day (traffic, parking, dealing with production/labels, getting screwed on a ticket), but it was a real blast I tell ya.
Anyhow, on to the show...A Perfect Circle was pretty good, a bit more mellow than I'd expected, but entertaining none the less. The backdrop looked killer, and the lighting was well done...
Maynard is funny shit...halfway through second song, the houselights come on (I have no idea why...). The band ends the song, and Maynard goes.."my god, you people...turn the lights back off". bwhahahaha... well fuck you, I thought it was damn funny. After 45 minutes of tunes from their as yet unreleased new album, and a little speech about how music sucks right was time for NIN.

NIN played the entire first song with the curtain still up... still can't tell if this was on purpose or not...during the 2nd song, "Head like a Hole", I figured out I was in an arena surrounded by high school kids...they didn't know any of the songs, it was pathetic to say the least. Providence shows are normally nuts..I had a floor seat, but had choosen to stay in the first level up, so I wouldn't get maimed..what a joke that turned out to be. The crowd was so sad I thought I was in CT!
Anyways, the light show was amazing...moving screens n'shit, and the band went pretty nuts, almost running into eachother at times...Trent jumped down to the crowd a few times and threw the mic in so the 3-4 people there who actually knew any of the lyrics could yell... They played alot of newer material, the setlist, (from what I can remember) in no particular order: "Somewhat Damaged", "Head Like A Hole", "Piggy","The Great Below", "Starfuckers Inc", "Closer", "Perfect Drug", "Hurt" (I'm missing a few, mostly off "Fragile"... I think they played "Terrible Lie" too, but no "Into The Void"..doh!)

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