Place Of Skulls

The Black Is Never Far (Exile On Mainstream Records 2006)

Album review

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Old school doomsters Place Of Skulls present us with 13 tracks of classic doom on their 3rd album. This one is a bit different from past Place Of Skulls material, it's not just another doom album. It has some very mellow bluesy stuff on it here and there, "Lookin' For a Reason" is laid back, and the guitar leads are just badass. There's a stoner rock fuzz going no here, and Victor Griffin's vocals take a step forward on this one, delivering more emotion than in the past. It's a bit strange because it sounds more "accessible", and I'm not sure if that works in their favor or not, donno where they're going with that approch...

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal