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Pressure 4-5 - Antechnology

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This is the first review of an unsigned band here..this 6 song cd came in the mail, and it didn't suck, so I figured "what the hell? why not?"
Here we have Pressure 4-5 from Santa Barbara, CA... I really hate to say it, but at certain points the singer (Adam Rich) sounds like the guy from Bush, almost the same singing style, but I also notice a style similar to Lynn (R.I.P.) from Snot. But other than that you can't really compare the sound of this band to anything. Can't even place 'um...they sound a bit hardcore, guitar and drum-wise, There's some fucked up D.J. effects on here, used sparingly and with taste for once, just enough to add to the song and not smother it. That fucked up sound on "P.M.A."..I have no idea what it is, but it sounds cool..heh
Hopefully these guys WILL get signed soon because they sound better than most of the crap I hear on the radio and actually have their own sound.

To get yer own copy of this cd, check these guys out at Pressure4-5.com