Prisoner 13

Strength of One

Album review

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Vermont.....hmm they got trees, smoke, some more fucking trees, and hey guess what, HARDCORE, Prisoner 13, (or if you're into Ebonics you can just call them P13). While Vermont isn't known for a huge scene, this band actually bring some quality music with the vocals being pretty much straight forward Rick ta life. But I don't think that's gonna hurt P13's feelings, with the songs coming in at a blistering 2 mins, it's hard to imagine how they cram all those breakdowns in there, but it happens. Following in bands shoes such as Hatebreed, and most of the NYC Hardcore scene, the music is kept simple. But really folks, name one hardcore that makes Death or Morbid Angel look like they can't write a song. Great live band, but it just doesn't hold my interest on this recording. "Strength Of One" is due for an early April release.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastard

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