Interview - Prong 2/20/04

Tommy Victor sheds some light on the reformation of Prong

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Sam: To start off with, I'm glad you guys have reformed 'cause I was sick of nu-metal bands ripping off your riffs all the time.
Tommy Victor: "Oh, thanks...somebody knows, I mean there's like a .002% of people that know that shit, but for the most part, it's like...some people know."
Sam: So yeah, how did you end up reforming?
TV: "I just had a bunch of songs that I wrote, and originally I was going to do it under a different name, but everybody around me was saying 'oh just do Prong'. So since there was no interest in the other monikers, I wanted to do another record and I was able to do it, you know, people were interested in putting it out, you know, I got some offers so..I was able to. You have to stay active and stay productive, it's like I can still do it I guess, it's a good idea maybe."
Sam: Sounds like it so far
TV: "It's just a matter of 'keep puttin' records out'. I sort of got that idea from Glen from Danzig, you know, he just says 'keep puttin records out man'. He's been really supportive and a couple of other friends of mine ...there's been other people that try to destroy my career and there's other people that try to help me out. I've been focusing on the positive people in my life and it took awhile, but, they been really cool."
Sam: You have any plans for a big summer tour? Any Ozzfest bids or anything?
TV: "I don't think we can afford to pay the money to get on Ozzfest"
Sam: Yeah, 2nd stage, I heard it's like $20-$30,000 to get on there...
TV: "It's more than that"
Sam: Really?, wow
TV: "It's usually around $75,000 to get on that tour"
Sam: Holy crap
TV: "And that's not including tour support, for, I mean, they don't pay you..."
Sam: So you're still stuck paying for the bus and everything?
TV: "Yeah"
Sam: wow, that's alot of money
TV: "Yeah so, there's usually about 3 shows a week or something...I mean I'd love to be on the thing, I mean it would be awesome, but we're just trying to do anything we can right now. We're trying to pull together some bands and... I don't really want to say, but there's several opportunities that are coming around and hopefully we can do it. There's a couple of the metalfests we've been asked to be on, and we're trying to make it happen. We have a new website, and anyone who's interested can go on there and check out what we have. We have shows, a show in FL with Body Count and Testament, (Sun 'n Steel festival) and then we're going up to Minnesota with them too, so that's what we have scheduled right now."
Sam: Are there any bands out right now that you've been listening to?
TV: "Yeah, there's tons, but recently I went back to listening to old stuff, like I'm into Iggy and T Rex and real old stuff you know? Alot of the stuff that's coming out now I do like alot even though it's not something that, generally, we do. I mean..In Flames I was into, that's not really that new, there's a slew of new bands that are out, that are progressive metal that are cool. As I Lay Dying...I could go on the other end and say I like The Used for that matter. So, it depends on the execution of it, The Used is one of my recent favorites for the last years, and that's getting old already so...Hypocrisy is's hard for me to go out and buy records right now too so..and I haven't been online that much so I'm trying to nab stuff anytime I'm on DSL. There's so much out there that it's really hard to nab some of the stuff, I just can't afford goin' out and spending $100 on cds."
Sam: I found a whole bunch of stoner rock bands online
TV: "Yeah, I did the High On Fire for awhile, I think they're really great. St. Vitus I was really into years ago, so they remind me a little bit of that.
Sam: Wino's got a new project out, it's pretty good
TV: "What is it called?"
Sam: The Hidden Hand
TV: "Oh, right, right. Yeah, we were on tour with The Obsessed a couple times years ago. I thought they were misunderstood, I mean it was total stoner rock, it was like crystal meth rock or something so, everyone hated it when we were out with them. And he has alot of credibility so, he seems to keep going which is cool."
Sam: You guys have been around a long time and have pretty much stayed thru all of the trends...
TV: "Yeah, you know, there's periods where the trends come and it's reflected into what you did in the past, that's what I mean about the whole credibility issue it's kind of a difficult conversation because every once in awhile things meet and match and then that disappears. So, it's sort of 'what are you going to do next?' is what I'm's usually in my mind. Try to stay ahead of the game a little bit, like 3 years ago there was like this mad rush of who was going to tune lower on the guitars. Eventually you get into that mode, and now there's alot of bands refering back to like Maiden and stuff so..I wouldn't do that."
Sam: You guys think of putting out any 7"'s or anything.
TV: "I don't know who has a record player anymore, I have one but the needle is screwed up, and all my records got stolen so..."
Sam: That sucks...
TV: "Yeah, I don't think a 7" is at hand, I mean, it's a 'who's gonna pay for it?' kinda vibe. In dance music vinyl is still important...I was interested in it a couple of years ago, that was part of the whole thing I was going to do after the initial Prong demise. I was hooking up with this dance label that wanted to branch out into other things but it never materialized. I don't know if I'm glad... if it would've happened it would've been cool, and then move on, but you know, I have no faith in industrial or electronic music right now. When I hear a demo of a band, or somebody gives me stuff that's heavily sampled I'm not interested any more."
Sam: What do you guys have planned after this album?
TV: "I'm going to continue to write music, and write songs. That's pretty much...for whatever reason it's good to contine just writing stuff. As long as I have ideas, i'll just keep doing it, get another couple of Prong records in the catalog. Yeah, the productivity is real important, you know, where for a long time I didn't stress that. I think things got really overworked, I mean with this record we made sure that was less apparent, where it was just laying it down rather than getting into heavy production techniques. I was on a major label for 10 years and everything was scrutinized and rejected and by the time the writing process went by, it was like a year. The song selection and album cover selection would add another 6 months to it, sequencing...that's something that eventually I realized, I really didn't want to do. It has to be more spontanious and quicker. But I could do that now, I have a feeling of being independent and not having those burdens anymore, so hopefully, you know another Prong record could be written in the next 4 or 5 months and recorded and released early again next year."