Interviewz - Sergio


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Sam and Dan grab Puya on the 2nd date of their tour with Sepultura and Hatebreed.

Sam: Why is it taking you guys so freakin' long to come out with a new album?
Sergio: "I guess it's just really the way it goes sometimes, we recorded like 11 songs in Vancouver...well first of all it took us like 2 months instead of a month to write the new material, and then it took us 2 months instead of one month to record 11 of the songs. Then we went back and listened to it and we were like, damn, there were still some more ideas that we were toying with and we were like fuck, we wanna record these. So the label said 'fine', we took our time with those, took us about 2 months to get those in shape, and then we just recorded them in January. So it's just really the whole process...for us it's good 'cause we got to record some shit and we got to listen back, and say ok, well we still think we need some of this and some of that, and we got the chance to do it and we're pretty happy with what we got."
Sam: yeah, I kept looking for the release date and it kept getting delayed, delayed, delayed...
Sergio: "Yeah, I know, we kept saying yeah the record is coming out in June! In June we were just going into the studio so it was like, oh damn...so the record label is like, 'ok the record is coming out in October so hurry up, hurry up' and we're like uhh, guys we need another month, we're not done yet."
Sam: So now is it May?
Sergio: "Nah, June 12th, it's worth the wait I promise..."
Dan: What kind of directions and sounds did you experiment with?
Sergio: "Well, first of all, on this new record the sounds...just basic sounds like guitar, bass, drums, and vocals are alot more like what we sound like live, which is something that we were lacking in the last record and we felt that we needed to get that across. It was a main concern when we went into this record... that I think is a big, big difference. The 2nd thing on this record as far as sounds go is, we went alot more percussive this time. There's only one song that has some horns and it's just one trumpet, that's it. It's more organic, it's alot more percussion, there was 4 percussionists on this one as opposed to the last one, where there was only one, so it's alot more like tribal type percussive shit.
Sound-wise we expiemented a little bit, we got one song which we got alot of influence from drum and bass. Just alot of influence from stuff that we've gotten from hanging around and shit like that, just listening to. I think the hip hop influence is more marked on this one too, lyrically the vocals are...there's more variation in the vocals this time. There's alot of differences, I mean you can tell it's us, but at the same time you're like damn, cool, I'm glad they've evolved instead of doing the same thing we did on the last record. Which is something we're pretty proud of because it's not very easy to do that."
Sam: Are some of the songs still in Spanish?
Sergio: "Yes, but this one has alot more English, I think there's going to be 11 songs, 12 tracks total, because one track is an instrumental, it's just like an interlude. And I think 6 or 7 out of the 11 songs are in english. Maybe one or two have a little bit of spanish, one might have like half english, half spanish we mix it up like that. And we have other tracks that didn't make it on the record that are in Spanish."
Sam: Are they going to come out as B-sides?
Sergio: "We've got 'um ya know, we're probably gonna try to get them on stuff like, if there's a cool soundtrack that we think we could really feel comfortable with putting our music we'll do that. I'm a game freak, so if there's a cool video game like, some extreme game like ATV offroad."