Type O Negative

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Live pics from this show! |

I'd heard Puya on the radio, and my inital reaction was "what the fuck???!!!". Live, however Puya was different...First off their music is...nuts. First it's heavy hardcore, pounding and driving, then all of a sudden, there's a time change and they go into a salsa/dance kinda thing...some songs are completely in Spanish (the band is from Puerto Rico). Cool band, check 'um out.

The last time I'd seen Type O Negative, (a few years ago) the weren't too exciting, but tonight they put on a killer show...very aggressive and angry...(might have had something to do with Puya's bassist beating the crap out of their soundguy earlier). Josh Silver decided to chuck a keyboard across the stage mid-set, which prompted the giant Pete Steele (who was already on his 2nd bottle of red wine) to jokingly inform the crowd that Josh was having a temper tantrum and he was going back to the bus to do shots of whiskey while Josh calmed down. Gotta love Type O's dark humor, too bad it goes right over some people's heads...
Although the new stuff goes over pretty well live, ("Everything Dies" was cooool), favorites were of course "Christian Woman", "Black Number 1" and a slow Black Sabbath Cover (think they did "N.I.B.").

Reviewed by Wolfie