Queens of the Stone Age

Stone Age Complications EP

cd review

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This is a six song EP from QOTSA collecting three covers, a remix and two originals. The Kinks cover is a faithful rendition, too faithful for my taste. It sounds just like the Kinks and not an interpretation of the tune. Shit, the vocals even sound like Dave Davies. The version of the Subhumanz song "Wake Up Screaming" is much better than "Whoíll be the Next in Line." Itís a schizophrenic ode to the joys of addiction. Itís the soundtrack to kibbying. The remix of "No One Knows" is standard jungle-lite fare. Lots of percussion and bass with little snippets of vocals sprinkled here and there to remind the listener what song it actually is. The Cramps cover strips all that is great about The Cramps from the tune, namely the tongue in cheek humor. Go and get a Cramps album to see how it should really be played. The two originals are the best part of this collection. The drums on "Born to Hula" are reminiscent of "Leg of Lamb" from Rated R. There is a blistering solo that summons a bit of the old stoner rock soul from QOTSA. The last tune has a little more of a Songs for the Deaf feel to it. There is not as much fuzz and is much more concise.

To sum up, half the songs suck and the other three are all right. I give it 2.5 beers.

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Reviewed by: lux_interior13