On The Move (Independent)

Demo review

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Another band from Malmö, Sweden. This is their second demo recorded in Wickerman Studio during July/August '03. It’s produced and mixed by Micko Tweedberg (usually the bassist in the metal icons from Malmö, Debase) and he is getting better and better at producing. Of course it would sound better in a real studio, but this sounds really nice considering that Wickerman Studio is really the rehearsal space for Debase. There are some more connections to Debase, Tomas is the younger brother of the drummer in Debase and Road’s rehearsal space is located in the same building as Debase's.
Road plays 70’s hardrock with their roots deep down in blues with a lot of tempo changes. Most of the songs revolve around Magnus on guitar. This works very well, Mike on lead vocals has a voice that really suits the music, Magnus is brilliant on guitar and Tomas is really good on drums, but there’s a bit left to his brother Johan’s standard. The production sounds really thick despite the fact that there’s only one guitarist, but I think that in the end the band needs two guitarists to create an even fuller sound.

Magnus - guitar
Tomas - drums
Mike - lead vocals
Session bassist

Road consist of three members so far, and they don’t have any permanent bass player yet. When it’s time for a show they use friends to play bass, but now they are seeking a full time bass player. This promo sampler contains 4 tracks and one video for the computer. The point of this sampler is that they send it to different labels to see if someone wants to pick them up.
This is extremely good if you’re a fan of 70’s hardrock. You can hear what the members are influenced by, like Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Status Quo amongst others. This band, with competent musicians and a real good singer, clearly has the potential to go far in the future.

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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating: 6/10