Ruins of Time

Timetraveller (2002)

Album review

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In 1997 Christos Chatzihonstaninos and Juan Araya formed Legacy, but later they changed the name to Ruins of Time.
The current line up is:
Juan Araya-drums
Christos Chatzihonstaninos-guitar
Mathias �jermark-guitar
Oskar G�ransson-bass
Martin Missy-lead vocals
Ruins of Time has had some problems finding the right members for the group. Many have come and gone but in 2001 Martin Missy (ex-Protector) joined on lead vocals. After they recorded "Timetraveller" Oskar came along on bass. They did their first gig in May 2002.
Their debut album was recorded in 1999 and it�s called "For A New Dawn" and the follow up "Timetraveller" was recorded in May 2002. Mathias plays both guitar and bass on the follow-up.
On "Timetraveller" there are 8 tracks and it�s produced and mixed by the band and Anders Eriksson at Offbeat Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Ruins Of Time plays real heavy metal but sometimes it borders death metal. Even though the production is pretty bad it�s quite appealing to listen to. Juan and Chris impress a lot. Martin�s voice leaves more to the imagination, his voice-capacity is quite limited. But the band are competent musicians.
The band has no big record company that backs them up, instead they went in the studio and recorded the album themselves. They should have lots of credit for that. This could be real good if Martin uses his voice to capacity next time, and if they record in a real studio. If you want to buy "Timetraveller" go to the band�s website.

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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating 6/10