Interview - Dan Lilker


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Sam gets to the bottom of "Kill Yourself: The Movie"

Sam: What's in the new movie?
Dan: "Well, it's basically alot of live footage because when we did the tour for Bigger Than The Devil, back all over the world last year, I mean that was the first time S.O.D. ever played anywhere outside of like New York or New Jersey or something, except for like one show in L.A. once, so figuring that, it was kind of like history in that case...S.O.D. playing all over the world the first time ever, so Nuclear Blast gave us...they provided money for a guy to come out and film and buy all the blank tapes because we needed like millions of them, so basically all this stuff was condensed and edited so what you're getting is really fancilly edited stuff from S.O.D. shows all over the place, and plus interview footage and just alot of goofy backstage shit, I mean it's one of those things where the guy has the camera on allll the time, even when people are arguing and stuff like that."
Sam: (laughing) that must've been fun...
Dan: "It's not just like, live stuff, it's like into personality and this extreme shimmer of S.O.D. too. I mean everyone knows we're kind of goofy, they're gonna get alot of that..."
Sam: Cool..how much footage did they actually have to go through to narrow it down to the 96 minutes or whatever that ended up in the movie?
Dan: "Oh god, it took them months...I mean, you figure like an average of 50 shows an hour long, now that we have 2 albums to play, and we did like 6 weeks in the U.S., and we did the European tour for like 3 weeks, we played Japan for a week, I mean, alot of shows...literally the guy was weighed down with like...what the hell do you call 'um...like those little 8mm things. Those little blank tapes n'shit, he's got like a million of those from filming us and everything and they just have to go though all the stuff with editing bays...like I said you have to look though everything because you might say that's might be a good version of "Kill Yourself", the song I mean, but then you might find one that's really classic, so I guess you have a to tediously and meticulously just go through everything. Glad I didn't have do it, I'd fall alsleep.
Yeah, it should be really good, I'm saying it should be because I haven't even seen it myself..."
Sam: Really?
Dan: "It's kinda funny, I'm doing interviews for this stuff I haven't even seen, and I can tell you what's basically gonna be on it but I can't get too specific, so..."
Sam: Yeah, I was gonna ask you if there are any special moments in the movie we should know about...
Dan: "Well, I'm sure there's gonna be alot of stuff that's gonna be pretty funny, I mean it's not gonna be like just a straight up live thing."
Sam: Who came up with the idea for the Sargent D dolls?
Dan: "I think that was our friends in Japan, I mean Anthrax has been touring Japan for years and they have a whole bunch of friends there, and there a couple of people there who are in that business, you know they have a thing where they make toys and stuff like that so, they showed us like little schematic drawings of how they would do it and we said yeah, great...so, you know how clever those Japanese people are."
Sam: That's cool...are there any plans ahead for another album or tour?
Dan: "Yeah, actually we are gonna do one more record and we're about to start writing for it. We're just...Scott's trying to find a place he can stay in NY intermittently, I just wanna get a little apartment, he's gonna pay rent for it, just find a place he can cruise in and out of 'cause he lives in L.A., he's trying to sort that out. I'll probably see him in L.A. 'cause I'm going out to play November to Dismember with Ravenous this other band I'm in. But yeah, we're gonna do another record which should be followed by a tour."
Sam: Killer...yeah, I heard you were in another band or 2 and had some albums coming out...
Dan: "Well, I play in a black metal band called Headlock and we have a few albums out already, but right now we have a kind of confusing problematic situation, we've recorded a record but it hasn't come out, the label is taking a really long time, and meanwhile we've decided we don't like the way the record sounds anyway so...
Sam: Oh no...
Dan: "Yeah, 'cause it took so long we keep listening to it, goin' you know, we could do this better...play the songs better, and all this stuff is going to take forever, why don't we just fuckin' scrap it and do it again? So we're trying to figure all that out and it's kind of complicated but, we're still around. And the other band is Ravenous which is like a project, a little death metal with Chris from Abscess, he used to be in Autopsy, and a couple of guitar players in Abscess, and we have a record coming out called 'Assembled In Blasphemy' on Hammerhard records, it comes on out Halloween here, (Editor's note: Nov 14th actually) and it's just old-style gritty death metal."