Black Sabbath

Drain STH


Stockholm, Sweden 12/14/99

live review

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Ok, Black Sabbath !! a classic band and a must see I thought when I bought my tickets half year ago. The concert was scheduled for august 5th but got pushed forward for another US tour, (Haven't you had enough Sabbath Tours?? j/K) and the concert took place last week Dec 14th.
I arrived at the Globe just in time to catch the first of the 2 opening acts, Godsmack. They were kinda good but they had a hard time getting a half full Globe to react to them. I have read that they should sound like a mix of Alice In Chains and Metallica but I thought sounded like it was Alice In Chains playing Korn covers. But hey, they were entertaining so I ain't complaining.

Next up it was time for Drain (or Drain STH as you call them in the US). Although they are hometown girls and everything they didn't get the reaction I thought they were gonna get. They are actually more famous in the US then here, but a least the Globe was almost full at this time. I really liked Drain, they did an impressive set (although I missed a couple of songs). I really hope this concert will get them the respect they deserve here in Sweden.

The clock was almost 9 pm when Sabbath took the stage to the sound of War Pigs, and God did the Globe explode !!! They all seemed happy to be in Sweden. They followed with NIB and the crowd did got even more crazy ("Go Fucking Crazy Stockholm!"), Ozzy was his usual self yelling "Let's Go Fucking Crazy", and throwing water on the security guards (they didn't seemed to enjoy it). Midset throught the show I thought Ozzy looked a little tired, and he stumbled more then usual onstage. The concert ended with great songs like Black Sabbath, Iron Man, Children Of the Grave and Paranoid. I'm very happy to eventually had seen Sabbath before they end it next week in England.

Reviewed By: Johan "Mippu " Hult

Half-Assed Editing: Wolfie