Sea Of Bones

Grave Of The Mammoth 2006

EP review

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Sea Of Bones are definately one of the best things I've ever heard to come out of the sorry state of CT. They are monolithically heavy, a fine violently depressing doom band. They crush, and their drummer is nutters. "Grave Of The Mammoth" is their little 3 song EP that I finally got my hands on the other night. The production isn't quite what the band was going for, or anywhere near it, it's not noisey enough, waaay too cleaned up and polished. It's nowhere near a close representation of the band live, (where they artfully re-arrange your internal organs via massive, evil amplification). But you get an idea of their songs, which are all at least 7 minutes long and go from thoughtfully heavy, to eerily mellow. Doom!

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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